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cardiac arrest can lead to death

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  • Medical Equipments

    Stretchers , bandages, Sterilizators, Drug Test Kits, Alcoholmeters, Defibrillators , Hydrogel burn dressings, Splints, scissors, forceps , splints , Digital and analog Sphygmomanometers , pulse oximeters, First Aid Kits for Bridge and SOLAS type for liferafts and lifeboats and more...
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  • Laboratory Services

    Grey water , Bilge and Sewage analysises , Potable and usage water analysises, Pre-Employment Drug and physical examination tests, After sign off exposure analysises and more....
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  • Ship Specific Service

    • Labelling of Medical Equipment
    • Inventory check according to Flag Regulation
    • Medicine Tracking System
  • 7/24 Support

    We realize emergencies happen in all timezones, so our staff is ready to assist whenever there is a need. Our Pharmacists will answer your call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

  • Fast Shipping

    Say-Med will never keep you waiting for medical supplies and we offer Free shipping for Domestic Orders for upto 20 kg orders. Call Us us today and get a quote for your next shipment today.

  • Large Inventory

    We keep a large inventory of items on hand so we can ship the day we get your order. We keep records of all your purchased items and make sure we are well stocked for your next order.

  • Flag Regulations

    Our dynamic organization let us complete medical chests according to various international , local and flag regulation. We can check the vessels inventory and list missing items.

  • Labelling and Beyond

    We label most of the products with Malta , WHO, MFAG and IMPA codes , also other details which you should know .
    SAY-QR is the unique application for our customers .

  • Laboratory Services

    Scheduled and Unannounced Drug and Alcohol Tests, Pre-join and After contract analysises. Potable and Usage water tests, Bilge, Grey and Sewage water analysises.


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