Labels are intended to communicate information that is critical to the prescriber, dispenser and consumer for the quality use of medicines. If it is difficult to identify medicines, or to locate and understand critical safety information, then medication errors are more likely to occur.
That is where SAY-QR gets handy!!


What is SAY-QR and How it works

When you supply a medicine or medical equipment ; it either have a small label about the product or nothing.
Label can only store limited information due to size of the label ,
Say-QR helps customers to obtain detailed information about the products supplied by Say-Med.
when you scan the barcode on the product you will get detailed information about the product.
Our database is growing day by day,


  • English and Turkish information availability

  • Sync option for offline use

  • You can reach detailed information , photos , videos , files

  • In case of failure at device camera, hand entry option is available.

  • Quick reach to desired section with Bookmarks features


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